The process

As time allows, I will blog about my travels, where I've been on a recent trip, with some photos included hopefully.  Those trips are what lead to content that I list on this store.

Typically, when I arrive home in Texas, I'll gather up my exposed rolls of 35mm slide film, and prep them for shipment to my processor in Michigan.

When those slides return, I'll poke through them & make a list of what content was returned.  Most of the group will be sent to a friend who handles imprinting duties for me, for a nominal fee.  As TRAC imprinters are almost impossible to find these days, I must outsource this work (or y'all have to suffer with my handwriting & rubber stamps), and I'll inevitably have to suffer with Carpal Tunnel.

When those slides arrive, I will sort into each individual book I have in my inventory (Class One, shortlines, industrial / lease, etc.).  This sometimes take a few days.

After that, I typically start scanning the fresh stock, and adding my newest content to eBay (same name).  However, you can get almost any slide I've taken personally cheaper here.

I will then double up & add that inventory to the store as time allows.  That said, there are still a couple binders worth of content (mainly industrial & lease units), which has been put on the back burner as I have time.

I've been a bit backlogged in 2019, due to working 70+ hours per week between two jobs.  That said, there are about 30+ rolls awaiting processing, with some 55 at the processor currently.  Hopefully they'll get published before the end of the year.  Until then, consider purchasing any of the 1000+ subjects that I have available.

This is not a high profit margin 'business' at all, just a place to sell the stuff that I photograph, and a means of paying for what can be a rather expensive hobby (when you consider travel expenses such as lodging & fuel, cost of film, processing & imprinting).  I'm not looking to cover everything -- never have, never will, no point in trying.  The cost of film & processing alone has deterred many from shooting slides at all the past 10 years.  I'm sure there are guys out there buying up collections from dead photographers or estates, selling on eBay until their fingers bleed, but I'm not that guy.  I do list content there, but you'll get a better deal here at my store directly.